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The heart of the armed deplorable brand is patriotic to the core (red, white & blue). It's the idea of "We The People" and small government. It's I'm fed up, armed and ready to protect my rights! It's you, the government, cannot and will not manipulate or control me. I choose to stand up for my God given rights and the constitution of America. I choose the freedoms and liberties that have been afforded to me by my fore fathers and my rights as a U.S. Citizen.

I will not be medicated against my will. 

I will not lay down my arms.

I will not be told where I can and cannot go.

I will not wear a mask.

I will not take your mark.

I will not be chipped.

I will stand and fight against all that threaten my freedoms

protected by the constitution foreign and domestic.

I am armed, fed up, and have been called a deplorable...

I am an American, I will fight!

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